Key Results Areas

The Society’s president reports on the year’s progress at each annual general meeting. In terms of measurable outcomes, these activities represent work towards three main goals. These key results areas (KRA’s) are:

1. Advocacy and raising awareness
2. Support
3. Building internal capacity

KRA 1 – Advocacy and Raising Awareness

Goal 1 – Write federal election messaging that supports the positions of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition on evidence-based harm reduction, including the merits of supervised injection (citing Insite successes) and special access to illegal drugs when they are the treatment of last resort, as in SALOME.

Goal 2 – Connect with BC provincial government and elected officials.

Goal 3 – Update the website to support family information needs, advocacy efforts, and research.

Goal 4 – Promote the inclusion of concurrent disorders within the health field and other communities.

  • Give voice to issues about concurrent disorders within health and other communities.
  • Promote awareness about concurrent disorders issues within the health care system.
  • Promote dialogue between public health systems and families about concurrent disorders.

Goal 5 – Research, explore, network and present the efforts of our areas of interest with recommendations.

Goal 6 – Sit on various committees, boards and forums to disseminate our messages and further our KRA goals. Current committees and boards:

  • Community Action Initiative
  • Youth Alcohol and Drug Agencies
  • BC Alliance on Mental Health and Addictions
  • Smart Families
  • Family at the Centre
  • Emergency Room Mental Health and Addiction Reforms
  • Family Advisory Committee – Vancouver Coastal Health
  • CRISM Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM)

KRA 2 – Support – You Are Not Alone

Goal 1– Distribution of printed copies of the Coping Kit

Goal 2 – Website updates and maintenance

Goal 3 – Ongoing liaison with Frances Kenny at Parents Forever

KRA 3 – Building Internal Capacity

Goal 1 – Refine and implement our fund-raising plan

Goal 2 – Board, volunteer and subcommittee recruitment

Goal 3 – Membership and AGM promotion

Goal 4 – Policies and Procedures manual updates as needed



The Board of FGTA has created a statement of the most pressing issues that government has the capacity to resolve in order to relieve unfair burdens on the families of people with an addiction disorder or concurrent disorders.

Public Policy Directions for legislators