Stakeholder Engagement & Awards

Members of the Board represent From Grief to Action in a number of ways including committee and round table membership, panel presentations, and key stakeholder meetings.

Our representatives speak to the concerns of families when funding and policy decisions are being made by these organizations:

1. BC Alliance on Mental Health and Addiction

2. Canadian Mental Health Association (B.C. Division) Addiction Advisory Committee

3. Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM)

4. Community Action Initiative on Mental Health and Addiction (a government-appointed round table)

6. Vancouver Emergency Room Mental Health and Addiction Review and Recommendations

7. Families at the Centre

8. Family Advisory Committee – Vancouver Coastal Health

9. Lower Mainland Committee of Youth Alcohol and Drugs Agencies

10. Family Smart

AWARDS Received

Nancy Hall Public Policy Leadership Award 2013

The Dr. Nancy Hall Public Policy Leadership Award is awarded annually to honour the spirit of the late Dr. Nancy Hall, who acted as a key advisor, consultant, and friend to CMHA BC for more than 15 years and passed away in 2011 after a battle with cancer. This award recognizes an individual or group in BC that has influenced mental health policy and contributed to positive mental health. A $500 gift is designated for the recipient’s charity of choice.

Nichola Hall accepted The Merit Award for Public Policy Leadership on behalf of From Grief to Action in September 2013.