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Continue Advocacy Work for New BC Government By Doing These Things

As you know, the 2017 BC Election is still unfolding, and the final results of the election will be revealed later this month. After government is formed the 100 days that follow are important – cabinet ministers will be chosen, the opposition selected, and the pressing issues within the province prioritized.

With so much change on the horizon, now is the time to amplify our voices to ensure our provincial leadership keeps mental health and addictions care top of mind. The impact of our b4stage4 work is already evident – check out the newly-released Impact Report to get a sense of what we’ve achieved so far. The report also outlines how the three major political party platforms reflect the five pillars of b4stage4.

We’ve also built two new printable tools for our supporters, available online:

1.      An infographic to help answer the frequently asked question What does stage 4 mean?

2.      A printable poster for office kitchens, community boards, etc.


This type of impact is only possible because of dedicated supporters like you! We can’t wait to move the campaign to the next level.

Sign Petition In These Final Days Before the Provincial Election

Mental Health Week just passed. But really, every week should be Mental Health Week.
This year the event coincided with the final week before the BC Provincial Election, and we are urging British Columbians to take this opportunity to connect with their candidates and speak out on social media – to GET LOUD and make mental health a voting issue.
Will you join us? The b4stage4 declaration has 3000 signatures behind it today. We’d like to see this double between now and Election Day. We’re asking our endorsers to help by reaching out to their networks and setting a goal to bring at least 100 new signatures to the declaration over the next week. Click here to access some resources that we’ve prepared to help you achieve this goal, including:
· A template email for your membership lists
· Printable petition pages to collect in-person signatures
· Social media-friendly images and suggested Facebook and Twitter posts
Are you with us? Will you GET LOUD for mental health during this year’s Mental Health Week?
If there’s anything else you might need, or if you’d like to chat directly, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here or at
Thank you for championing b4stage4 in your networks!