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Gone Too Soon: Navigating Grief and Loss as a Result of Substance Use

Gone Too Soon: Navigating Grief and Loss as a result of Substance Use

This handbook was written by the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) in collaboration with the BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH) and the BC Coroners Service.

The handbook was created with the guidance of Leslie McBain and Jennifer Woodside, who generously shared their stories and experiences and what they wish they had known in the immediate days after they lost children to drug-related harms, as well as what they wished they had known in the months and years after.

The handbook covers emotions and responses you may experience, tips to take care of yourself, practical considerations in the wake of this tragedy, and stories from people who have lost loved ones.

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My Brother The Addict

Some days I’ll use my go-to line, “He’s still finding himself.” Other days I’ll play it straight, “He’s a drug addict and alcoholic with mental-health issues.”

I always hope my date will just ask me about our truly amazing childhood instead.

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Check out “Wasted” on CBC’s The Nature of Things for a fascinating story about alcohol addiction

Filmmaker Maureen Palmer set out to make a documentary following her partner Mike Pond — a psychotherapist and an alcoholic five years sober — as he searched for the best new evidence-based addiction treatments. The intent was to help others battling substance use disorders.

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Visit Addiction: The Next Step a hub for parents and partners battling addiction.

Father loses son to addiction, ends up in recovery himself and shifts from grief to action…..

Each week, CNN profiles someone who has faced a dramatic turning point in their life. This story describes how after losing his son to addiction, Kim Manlove found himself in a recovery centre and how he transitioned from grief to action to support other families struggling to find evidence-based addiction treatment in an environment dominated by stigma and shame. See the full story here…..