Community Action Initiative Announces Its Cycle 5 Granting Opportunity

Community Action Initiative members have now completed four cycles of the grant allocation work that the initiative was created for. Representing a broad cross-section of groups, the CAI helps to meet mental health and substance use needs by allocating funds to projects that deliver services in new ways, involving partnerships across different sectors of society.

These grants must be led by either a non-profit organization or an Aboriginal-mandated agency but can include partners from such diverse sectors as: schools / school districts; businesses; police; local governments; provincial and federal agencies; post-secondary institutions; spiritual organizations; and others.

Now, for the fifth time, the CAI has called for “letters of intent for proposals to help families with dependent children (including adult children) where one or more members is impacted by mental illness, problematic substance use and/or unhealed trauma. Approaches should provide for greater connections to either: culture and/or spirituality; or to neighbourhood and community.” See more details at the CAI website.