Books to Note
Releases since 2009 that have Amazon reviews or other online background.

Grief and Loss Pamphlet 2

Harm Reduction Speech

Healthy Minds, Healthy People
British Columbia’s health authorities jointly administer services to individuals with an addiction disorder and those with a mental disorder. This is the province’s ten-year plan for these education, diagnosis and treatment services.

Caring for Yourself and Other Family Members
The Here to Help website is hosted for a group of seven leading provincial mental health and addictions nonprofit agencies working together as the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information. This is module 4 from a complete handbook available on the Here to Help site.

How Long Does Treatment Take?
How long does treatment take? The answer has important implications for housing, as Monte Paulsen writes in a January, 2008 edition of The Tyee online.

Learning from Each Other: Harm Reduction
Learning From Each Other: Enhancing Community-Based Harm Reduction Programs and Practices in Canada is the final report on the research undertaken by the Canadian Harm Reduction Network and the Canadian AIDS Society on useful and innovative harm reduction programs and practices in nine small-to-medium-sized cities in Canada … and some of the ways that challenges to them are being met. The report draws on information from focus groups with people who use services in these cities, agency visits and community walk-abouts, and is illustrated with photographs taken en route.

Parent Action Pack
From the parents at comes a brief, readable “Action Pack” that helps you talk to your teenaged son or daughter about drugs and alcohol.

Review of “Clean” by David Sheff

The Fifth Pillar

The Vancouver At Home Project: Synopsis of Findings After One Year