Helping Others, Session 5

Education series continues with “helping others” at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale

Date:February 11, 2014
Time: 10:30-12
Location: 2490 West 37th Avenue, Vancouver

A lecture/discussion series about addictions – for 17 years offered by Vancouver Coastal Health at the Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre in Kerrisdale – will now be sponsored and hosted by From Grief to Action and St. Mary’s Kerrisdale, in the church’s Parish Hall. The program tries to answer the questions: What is addiction (including alcoholism), how do you treat it, and how does our whole society contribute to the process of creating and maintaining addictions? It also explores how you help someone else who has an addiction concern.

The 90-minute Tuesday morning sessions are free and open to anyone on a drop-in basis. Most of the lectures are by Mark Haden, who is known for honest and personal communication about drugs, alcohol, addiction health and public policy. The six sessions are titled:

1: Development of Addiction Jan 14, 2014
2: Chemicals and the body Jan 21, 2014
3: The Recovery Process Jan 28, 2014
4: The Family Context Feb 4, 2014
5: Helping others Feb 11, 2014
6: Healing our Society Feb 25, 2014

All are welcome, including addiction services clients, probation referrals, potential clients, students, concerned family or friends, interested community members, and professionals. Participants can come to the whole series or any specific sessions of interest.

About the program leader
Mark Haden worked in the addictions field for 28 years as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of the UBC School of Population and Public Health and also teaches at the UBC school of Social Work, Nursing and Medicine. He presents at a number of community colleges in Vancouver and is a sought-after speaker at conferences around the world.

Besides being a proud (and struggling) father of two, Mark is a member of the outdoor recreation community of B.C. and very happy with his best Grouse Grind time of 38 minutes.