There Is Nothing Better Than Getting Better

Dear Friends,

This year Santa brought me a meaningful gift that will affect many lives for the better. I’ve been given the opportunity to carry a message of hope for a recovery centre I believe in with all my soul. It comes in God’s time, as I celebrated two years of sober and clean freedom on December 23.

I thought treatment centres were just glorified hotels with swimming pools. You can imagine my confusion when I happened upon this rustic arrangement of trailers surrounded exclusively by mooing cows and miles of wheat fields. I soon discovered that love lived there, irrespective of how it initially appeared.

My favourite spot on the five acres is a graveyard dedicated to addictions. Participants literally bury their addiction with headstones they create themselves. Burying troubles instead of suffering addicts now gets to be my life’s work. I’m finally fulfilling my dharma.

I spent a lot of my early days in recovery at Serenity Ranch participating in powerful meetings where people go through Steps 1-8 in one sitting. For me, this made all the difference. Hearing details of other addict’s lives gave me the strength to no longer argue with my past.

The peace of this place nestled in the Alberta countryside so near to where I grew up helped me heal. The Serenity Ranch Twelve-Step Roundup with speakers from Palm Springs fuelled my desire to stay well. People spoke of the demoralization and remorse I felt when I was active in my addiction and taught me how to keep recovery.

I can’t wait to bring in others who suffered the way I did so they too can enjoy living one day at a time.